Aloe Vera and Its Natural Skin Care and Health Benefits

Aloe vera plants, particularly aloe barbadensis miller plants, have been used for centuries to help burns, cuts, and other skin ailments. Perhaps your grandparents always had one of these unique, cactus-like plants nearby, just in case of an emergency. If someone got a cut or burn, they would break an aloe leaf apart to extract [...]

A True Best friend

Most dogs, because of their wonderful characteristics, never fail to attract attention wherever they go. With their soft, fluffy hair, kind round eyes, cute little noses, and joyful strutting, it is not hard to understand why a lot of people easily fall in love with them. What makes them really amazing, though, is their seeming [...]

A Simple Act of Hand Washing Can Go a Long, Long Way!

Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection and disease such as pneumonia. Pneumonia is the leading killer of children under age 5 worldwide, hence, hand washing is recommended in avoiding this deadly disease. With this simple act, and if to be practiced properly, hand washing has a lot [...]

French Provincial Magazine

A uniquely French flavour Jacob Publishing is proud to present a magazine about all things French… French Provincial is contemporary, elegant and decidedly French! Australians love all things French – the culture, romance, decor and fine fare. French Provincial magazine offers a taste of France without the need to have your passport stamped. It contains [...]

Stay on Track with Menopause, heart and bones

‘Want to know how to stay on track with menopause, your heart and bones? Join a FREE health event for Australian women Brought to you by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Sunday October 14, 2.30pm. Crown Promenade Hotel, Southbank Bookings essential – call Jean Hailes 1800 532 642 or go to     

Fifty Shades of Midlife: Jean Hailes

A free webcast for Australian women watch from home, watch with a group of friends or organise a community event for women where you live. ·         The event: Fifty Shades of Midlife – Menopause, Mood and More Women’s health experts will talk about a range of important health topics including: menopause, mood, emotional wellbeing, mental [...]


For 24 years, Margaret O’Hare has stood at the helm of the celebrated Anchorage Restaurant on the bay. Finally at 40 talks to the woman behind the rudder. At a recent school reunion, Margaret O’Hare was asked what she did for a living. She replied: “I’ve made a success of something I wasn’t allowed to [...]

Simple Rules of Home Organization

Let’s be honest.  Nobody likes rules. But the thing is, if you’re serious about home organization, then there are some specific rules you’ll want to follow. You’ll see how much easier organization will be by taking the following simple steps… Home Organizing Rule #1: “Touch it Once!” This is a form of procrastination and it [...]

Music And The Brain

  The research shows that music actually trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Listening to, and participating in music also creates new neural pathways in your brain that stimulate creativity. An article in a Newsweek (2/19/96) reported on a study from the University of California. In the study, researchers followed the progress of [...]

Create Your Own Destiny

We are constantly imitating others. When we copy other people, we can’t reproduce their charisma, talent or success. Externally, we can imitate their life, their way of dressing and drive the same kind of car, but this does not bring us fulfillment. We can take another’s life as an example, but we must think hard [...]